My First Post:

So here I am at Hofstra, and I am blogging about this new bit of responsibility. Writing online makes me feel at home with my fingers, since this (as well as my iPad where most of my formal papers originate) is a very natural state for me to be in. While my laptop is not nearly as powerful as my desktop back home, it does make for a makeshift device to complete my assignments. I have been writing this way since high school, of which I was homeschooled from 3rd grade until graduation. As a Junior in college, my ability to articulate and come across information to do assignments and papers has benefited me greatly, and allows me to focus on my studies instead of my written papers. I feel making this blog at the request/requirement of my new class will give me a chance to build upon my writing style, so is the intent of this first post.

   Dorm life has treated me well, this having been the second semester that I am dorming. I enjoy the high rises, having been on the 14th and 12th floor of Constitution, and the view is just amazing. Taking German this semester may be a challenge, but nothing can’t be overcome if I just keep my head down and focus on my studies. The good thing about having a crappy computer is that I cannot use it to shirk my responsibilities, and that means that there’s nothing BUT time to read and prepare for classes.


   So, this post seems to be dragging on, so I shan’t prolong what need not be explained. My life has been a good one, and I hope to expand my knowledge in this class. As one of the few un-edited pieces of work I have been assigned, I can’t wait to see what others think of my writing style, and ways that it may be improved. Alright, see you all next time.


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