Express-Delivered Expression

Everyone expresses, but is everyone express? Express, as in the mode of transport. Express, as in quick and expedient. We are a species hard-wired to accept the success of those that rush.

Movement is an interesting thing, requiring us to be expedient or verbose with haste. Things that express can range from how passionately we feel to how loud we shout, but what about movement? We express ourselves in New York much more than Florida, and I don’t mean by how loud we speak. Everything in this city is fast and hasty, never stopping and always pushing ahead. We see this everywhere we look, since many people want to make the most out of their lives.

We don’t hand out things to the slow or the lazy, since we rapid individuals see it as wasteful. We were told that society in this capitalist world cares only about those that can take care of themselves, and that they deserve none of our sympathy if they can’t keep up. From this we believe in our minds that the expedient inherit the earth, so haste is key.

From this logic, we try to write faster, work harder, and create machines that allow us the ability to do so much with as little wasted time a possible. The industrial revolution, the stock market, and the baby boom are all ways we praise the efficient.

So, at the end of the day, we are given one final question: is speed essential for survival? In this world of globalization and homogeneous culture, we tend to attribute success with how much money we have. With our life so full of opportunities, it can be hard to understand that we are not a species that require brisk, expedient moves to keep ahead of the pace. Sometimes, we just need to take life as it comes.


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